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Customize your flexible current probe

Length of sensor in inches "A" Dimension *
Specify "A" Coil length dimension in inches. This is the current sensing transducer that will fit around the conductor(s). 12 inches in the minumum.
Length of cable in feet "B" Dimension *
Specify "B" Cable length dimension in feet.
Enter Maximum current range *
Enter the maximum current range you need in Amps AC. For AA battery integrator operation this value will correspond to a 1 Vac rms output
Output Connector *
Select your output connector. This is the connector that will connect to your device (multimeter, ammeter, PQ Recorder). There will be about two feet of cable from the integrator to the connector.
Enter Maximum Output Signal in Vac rms *
For Internal AA Battery Integrator limit voltage maximum output of 1Vac rms.

For a 1mV/Aac output on a 1000Amp rms maximum input the output would equal 1Vac rms
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